Founded in 1993, “Société de Gestion Fiduciaire” became SGF Group on December 31, 2014. Why this change of name? For practical reasons and proximity with our non-French-speaking customers, to facilitate exchanges and also to simplify the naming of our company. It was also to give its real meaning to the group in constant expansion.

Kreston International

SGF Group joined Kreston International group in the beginning of 2016 and is the only representative in Luxembourg. Present in 110 pays made up of more than 21.000 professionals across the world, the Kreston International group is currently 12th in the biggest accountant network in the world.

This international organization brings together professional accountants, audit and council selected by their experience, reputation and professionalism.

As a member of Kreston International, we have the capacity to accompany you in your international development. We know how much our clients appreciate to work with professionals they value, with knowledge, trustworthy and share the same values and professionalism, this is why this network is a true opportunity for your company because we can work jointly with qualified partners all around the world that have the same work ethic as SGF Group.

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SGF UK Corporate Services

SGF Group always had strong relationships with Great Britain. Founded way before becoming a member of Kreston International organization, SGF Group established a branch in London to take care of the request from our clients across the channel. We have for many years a good knowledge of the English market, and with the Brexit we thought it would be convenient to keep this branch of the SGF Group.

Thanks to this implantation, we can offer our clients a service subject to British law. Owing a company on British soil may be a vital strategy for your business.