Why choose SGF Group?

To manage your company from A to Z!

We provide a support throughout evolution and the dynamics of your business, in a very personal approach: SGF Group entrust their mandates exclusively to recognized and certified professionals (notaries, lawyers, translators and international tax advisors) in order to provide concrete and high quality outcomes.

The SGF Group also provides an efficient personalized service at a reasonable cost.

Our specific and adapted services:
  • Tax advice
  • Incorporation of companies
  • Domiciliation
  • Accounting and administration
  • Internal audit

The relationship between our associates and customers is carried out with a human touch to stay closely tuned to our customers’ needs and to follow up on all tax and legal matters of your business in a very personal way.

Our philosophy reflects a certain vision of business and human relations: we treat every customer as individuals to whom we provide a premium service. Therefore, we offer high level quality and customized services: These are the two requirements that we have set for ourselves For more comfort and conviviality, SGF Group disposes of a multilingual team, which is able to listen and to answer you in your own language.

Thanks to the support of a vast network of contacts and a close cooperation with our financial and legal units, SGF Group can respond promptly and to ensure a high-level follow-up.We never forget the international character of the operations our customers are asking for. Thanks to this network, you profit from the financial engineering and the permanent council via your unique interlocutor SGF Group.

All the more reasons arguments and guaranties to choose a human sized fiduciary partner, which will be able to guide you through the evolution of your business with a very personal approach.