Wealth management


Main wealth management center in the Eurozone, Luxembourg can pride itself for having a long tradition and proven know-how in terms of wealth management. SGF Group has also this know-how and experience to advise, guide and accompany its clients, whichever the need and difficulty of the request. Both of them adapted and specific, making the protection of your wealth and the long-term estate planning easier.

The Holding Company (called a “SOPARFI”), whose primary objective is to optimize the management of a group of companies. Its main advantage? Benefit from the double non-taxation of Luxembourg. Let us recall that the SOPARFI is a commercial company governed by the commercial law (dated 1915). However, it remains true that the SOPARFI is an effective vehicle for managing companies’ shares and for financing risk capital investments and Private Equity.

Created in 2007, The Family Holding Management Company (called an “SPF”) is the second structure offered by Luxembourg. It deals with the wealth management of the private person. The SPF is an investment company with the simple management, flexible and compliant with EU regulatory requirements. Note that a SPF must adopt the legal form of a capital company whose shareholders are only private persons. No family relationship between the shareholders is required. As the SPF is fiscally neutral, the company is exempt from tax on corporate income, commercial tax and wealth tax.

SGF Group will assist you
  • In choosing the structure that will suit your expectations and needs of your wealth
  • In managing and monitoring the adopted structure
  • In choosing a financial partner that will manage the assets
  • In the regular visibility of your assets to keep you informed of their performance.