Solutions Facilities

You chose to settle your business in Luxembourg? Great idea! besides the administrative formalities which we can take care of, you know need to find an office that will give substance to your activity in accordance with the regulations in the country .

In the heart of an elegant neighborhood with several private hotels, a few minutes’ walk from the train central station, with all the shopping and restaurant facilities you need, Ginkgo  Solutions Facilities welcomes you into several charming, cozy yet practical buildings, which are entirely renovated and functional.

For your offices, meeting and reception rooms are designed to meet your needs and are accompanied by a reception service and impeccable services to enhance the image of your company and boost your business. 

In addition to the rental offer for working space, Ginkgo Solutions Facilities also offers a multitude of relocation service “à la carte” to suit your requirements, and those of your family, to make sure your arrival in Luxembourg goes without a hitch. From looking for a home to rent or buy, to completing all the necessary paperwork, looking for schools, nurseries, and all the services needed for successful installation in the country.

Welcome to Luxembourg!