Payroll Services

Human Resources are a key element of the company and require careful management. In the context of ongoing regulatory change, outsourcing payroll and human resources management reduces the risk of error. In fact, we take care of legal monitoring for you. By entrusting the management of your human resources to us you are tapping into employment law expertise which relieves your company to all activities related to recruitment, remuneration and management of your workforce, depending on the degree of outsourcing required.

Our staff provides you with their experience including support for:

  • registration of the company/employees with Social Security and health at work organizations
  • recruitment assistance: authorization request, salary simulations, formalities relating to applications for aid granted by the ADEM
  • recruitment formalities and drawing up contracts,
  • payroll management including drawing up pay slips, relevant social and tax returns and payment,
  • extra-legal benefits management,
  • management of paid holidays and sick leave,
  • monitoring absenteeism and presenteeism
  • development of pension schemes for staff,
  • secondment of workers and Ad Hoc representation of foreign entities.

In addition to these HR and administrative services, our payroll department can provide support to operational managers for forecast management of jobs and key skills, applications for co-financing training, succession planning, planning resources and the implementation of operational HR management charts. We also put our expertise at your disposal for social control or to find solutions to conflicts within your company.