Legal Services

The legal service we perform mainly relate to Luxembourg companies, they span from founding a company to its liquidation, it goes through each company's compliance with annual legal obligations.

The services we offer are designed to assist you in:

  • the incorporation of a company;
  • Preparing annual general meetings ;
  • filing annual accounts with the register of trade and companies;
  • preparing extraordinary general meetings relating to statutory changes, increases/decreases in capital, in-kind contributions, sale of shares, changes in legal form, etc.;
  • drawing up an application to open a bank account for a company in the process of incorporation;
  • preparing an application for a business residence permit for commercial companies;
  • working closely with the bank, notary and each person necessary to your project;

We provide you with all the technical assistance needed for the legal aspect of your project, as well as the implementation of the legal documentation necessary to meet your obligations in line with Luxembourg law.