Business Booster

Being a Business Booster, is also my passion!

by Yvon Hell
Yvon Hell

I am often asked, what makes me want to move forward. My propellant and my adrenalin burst.

I started with training as chartered accountant and business manager (DESS « Certificat d’Aptitude à l’Administration des Entreprises ») this laid the foundations of my career and my professional choices, but I have to admit, that the opportunities, the human relationships and my sheer audacity did the rest.

Career opportunities, I have been fortunate to have exhilarating with so many adventures and projects.

In January 2000 I took up my duties as a financial tax advisor for the CEO of the Post & Telecommunications company in Libreville, Gabon (Africa). Besides the exoticness location, it gives me strategic responsibilities such as: The Split of the company into two separate entities, preparation of the privatization of Gabon Telecom, adjustments of the financial structures, research of funding, etc. 

However, this Gabonese experience was not the first step in my expatriate career. Between 1993 and 2000, in the Czech Republic. I was Executive Director at SOFICO; a consulting firm in organization and management and the chairman of the board of MANASOFT, a distributor of Sage management software.

These two steps in my career have improved and developed my skills in company set up, in recruitment and staff training, and in marketing and business development. And, of course, the Ability to lead a company in diverse economic environments by understanding the market in a strategic way. 

On the strength of my successful experiences which might be defined as being exotic or distant, I decided in 2002, to settle down in Luxembourg, and I became Associate Director at FIDUFISC. And subsequently managing partner in July 2003 at “Société de Gestion Fiduciaire”, which became the SGF group in December 2014. From this new business, a new vocation was born, “Business Booster “ 

Audacity. Without it, the business would not be very interesting.

This business establishment has created the name “Business Booster”, which name is including the abroad gained experience, the professional exchanges and so the plural knowledge. Besides of technical knowledge, it is effectively the human encounters, which made the most audacious projects real.

My business owner’s way was paved with valuable relationships. Because you always learn from those who know how to take risks, have great desires and are willing to have beautiful destiny. This experience has also given me the opportunity to get to understand various cultures and different points of view. Some people never dare to look back, fearing to face their regrets. Not in my case. I’m lucky, the person that I am today was created by the past. It gave me the weapons, tools and the desire, to help me to surpass myself, to go further.

It is all about a positive state of mind. To undertake the way to get there, and succeed, being surrounded by the right people and resources in order to reach our goals. But of course, a big dose of audacity is the indispensable ingredient for the recipe of success.

Audacity. Without it, the business people would be deprived of this creative energy and would be quickly overwhelmed by his/her own projects. Now it is my turn to transfer this taste of audacity and creativity, this ability to rebound, to make conscious decisions and discernment. This is where the concept “Business Booster” becomes a road map toward your success.

Dare and risk, in an invested companionship approach.